AboutAbout me:
I live in Bristol with my husband, daughter and two cats, and work as a web manager.

I love:
tiny things, shiny things, wallpaper, polkadots, buttons, ribbon, patchwork, stripes, sunshine, snow, hot chocolate, miniature post-it notes, stationery, illustrations, typography, smell of onions cooking, hats, mittens, kittens & many other things.

About the blog:
The blog was intended to feature posts and updates about new items I was working on for my etsy shop. Due to a very complicated house move followed by the arrival of our daughter in 2010 the blog is being filled with all sorts of thoughts about the design, decorating, craft, and anything else that pops into my head. One day the etsy shop will be properly up and running once more!

About the shop:
Kate Kilkenny Designs started out simply as a project to make gifts for the many friends who have expanded their families in the past few years. After some lovely feedback, I decided to take the plunge and open my own Etsy shop after several years of Etsy shopping through my other username (runningwithspoons).

My designs tend to be scribbled on scraps of paper or on post-it notes while at my day-job. They’re all designed to be simple and capture either an element of childhood, or represent the special interests of the child/parentskate kilkenny of their recipient.

The name:
Kate Kilkenny was a childhood nickname (one of many), coined by my parents and still occasionally used if I’ve been up to mischief!

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