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While I haven’t been producing items for sale over the past year, I have found time to create a few objects for our own home. The first was a really fun project which allowed me to order some truly awesome fabrics online to produce the most colourful patchwork playmat for the little one. With a bit of custom applique and my new skill at french knots (to complete the strawberry) it was ready to go and has been well-loved and used over the 20 months.


Patchwork playmat


A bonus of this project was all the leftover scraps of fabric which have since been turned into a set of matching applique cushions, ridiculous amounts of bunting, some cuddly owls and several pieces of fabric artwork all of which I’m sure will feature in future posts.

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Project Linus

Early last year I was browsing a quilting magazine at Mum’s and read an article about Project Linus. Project Linus is a volunteer organisation established to provide homemade blankets, quilts and incubator covers to babies, children and young people in hospital, shelters and hospices. While I’m not known for completing patchwork projects, but after some first-hand experience of NICU when the little Pickle arrived I could see exactly what impact a Linus quilt could have and dropped them an email about helping out. Since then I’ve taken over updating their existing website with plans for a refresh in the future, and helping to spread the Linus message online.
Are you a crafter? Could you spare some time to create a blanket, quilt or incubator cover – or even just one block of a quilt?
If not, you can always support us on Twitter, Facebook, or make a donation to help provide fabric and supplies.

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Image of the day

In other news, we are still living in the temporary flat of mould and doom. Excitingly the oven door fell off last week while I was making red velvet cupcakes. The gloom of the flat is lifting however as spring is finally here and I have my fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed that we will exchange contracts on our lovely new home next week.

Source: Pottery Barn

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Cake, cake, cake

We had a lovely trip to Hummingbird Bakery last weekend which reminded me that my cupcakes from their recipe book are never quite the same as the ones in-store. There have been birthdays in the office (complete with cakes) and a custom cupcake order booked as a gift. The icing on my cupcakey week is the recent opening of a cupcake and sweet store just around the corner from the office. I’ve resisted so far…

Cake slippers from Ruby and Ed

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Image of the day

Hello little moo cow. You’re adorable.

Source: Berry Red

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Image of the day

from DocMartinStudio

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My love affair with print and type posters is still going strong and with the house move getting closer I’m almost ready to make some final decisions on which gorgeous prints will be appearing on the freshly painted walls.

This is currently a favourite to feature in the new kitchen, and I have dozens more prints bookmarked on Etsy, NotontheHighStreet and KeepCalmGallery

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