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A work in progress

The new house is really beginning to take shape now. The office is half decorated – to be completed this week. Carpets and wooden flooring are chosen, the new fireplace is arriving in two weeks, toilets are fixed, the hot water tank is fixed, the garden no longer looks so much like a jungle and the lingering smell of curry spices is gone.

We now affectionately refer to the house as ‘the money pit’ as predictably we’re hopeless at just improving things gradually and in the next three weeks will be decorating the entire downstairs living space. Why work at a normal pace when you can manically attack every room in the house? We may be mad, but our deadline for having completed most of the renovations was moved forward by several months, and a nursery is now high up on the list of rooms to be decorated…

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Christmas in April

339 long days after we first sold our house, after the disappointment of losing the first house we waited for, we have finally moved into our new house. Eleven months is a long time to be in limbo and the moment on Friday morning when the removal truck arrived holding all our furniture and posessions from storage was so exciting.

The new house was absolutely filthy and smelt, but we honestly didn’t care – after a few days of bleaching every surface, cleaning the carpets, windows and floors, and a LOT of unpacking and flatpacking boxes we are in. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders, and despite the amount of work that needs doing to the house and the garden, we’re just happy and relaxed for the first time in almost a year.

Now I can *finally* start decorating!

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Country Kitchen

The space in our new kitchen means an exciting new range cooker. After disappointment that the lovely aquamarine range wouldn’t fit in the gap, I think it probably does make more sense to get the vanilla range to fit with our modern country kitchen (inspired by the above image from Ideal Home) and guarantees that the church pew I’ve got my eye on in a reclamation yard will fit in nicely…

Given my propensity for burning myself/falling over/spilling things and the depth of the range doors, new extended aga oven gloves were an essential. There was only a teeny bit of squealing when I realised I could buy lovely Joules aga textiles which will match my extensive wardrobe of Joules jumpers, hoodies and wellies…

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The Return

It’s been quite a while since my last post. We’re still not in the house which has been the biggest factor keeping me from updating. We’ve had some moments of false hope that the move will happen soon and I’ve immersed myself once more in paint samples, fabric and window shopping for furniture but unfortunately things are still up in the air. It now looks like a February move date. 233 days and counting since we had the offer accepted…

Back to happy, positive thoughts about how lovely it will be once we move in. We’ve now started buying small items for the house; some gorgeous Kilner jars to store all sorts of kitchen bits in, we’ve been round the dreaded home appliance warehouse and ch0sen the washing machine, range cooker and fridge freezer, and next week we’re off to Bath to look at furniture and more supplies for organising the kitchen.

Christmas was lovely – manic, noisy, lots of food and too much time on the motorway – but lovely. Since then we’ve been enveloped in unusually heavy snowfall which looks beautiful but has caused chaos as we’re so unprepared for snowfall in the UK. The snow is all melting today so I can look forward to spring in our new home.

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Roly Poly

aka: Poly, Fatcat, Troll-poldy-roll

age: 15

Likes: food, attention, sleeping

Dislikes: humans who sleep, eat or read instead of adoring him, leaving the house, the airing cupboard door being closed.

Scared of: absolutely everything except food and cuddles

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We’re a bit in love with this photographic decal from WilsonGraphics and are thinking it would look quite at home in the new office, surrounded by rather a lot of bookcases.

Since falling in love with the globe, which makes me think of Apollo missions and the blue marble and earth rise images, I’ve started hankering after an old fashioned globe to go on the desk. It seems there’s something very grown-up about having a globe. I’m sure my geography wont improve, but that’s what sat nav and google maps are for surely?


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Navy and white


Flipping through an issue of Ideal Home there was a photograph of a home office with the most incredible navy blue paint colour on the walls. I instantly needed to use this colour and after very little begging, was allowed to plan the bedroom for the new house around the colour.

Secretly my favourite thing about this board is the little bedside cabinet. It’s old fashioned but more importantly it looks like one of the naughty little cabinets in Mary Poppins that make adorable noises.

The wooden name sign was an etsy find and was my present to my husband on our wedding day. My next mission may be to visit a few junk shops to buy some old blue and white china as I continue to collect fabric for the navy and white quilt.


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