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Back to the start

We were due to finally exchange contracts on our new home today, unfortunately things came crashing down on Friday evening when we discovered (via text message) that 263 days after accepting our offer on the house the sellers had withdrawn the house from the market.

It was difficult news to process and I’m only just coming to terms with it and realising that we’ll be staying in our temporary accomodation for several more months. Focusing on the positive it means that we’re on the hunt for the perfect house once more …

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canal boat

Sometimes I daydream about living on a canal boat. Then I remember that there probably aren’t fun little picnic baskets full of plastic food as there were in my Sylvanian Families canal boat, or fun adventures as in Rosie and Jim.


It’s probably more likely that I’d forget the rudder steers in the opposite direction and would crash into a wall/bank/lock and be frowned out by men in flatcaps eating sandwiches.

Maybe we’ll trial a weekend of renting a boat before changing our minds about buying the new house. Still there’s something very fun about the design and colours of canal boats…

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One day…

…I would like a secret passageway in the house so I can pretend I’m in Hogwarts or going through a wardrobe to Narnia…

hidden passage

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One day…

…we will build our own timber framed house with exposed beams

timber frame

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