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Baby shower

pram pinata

For several weeks now, family and friends have been conspiring together to organise a surprise baby shower for my lovely sister. Mum was allowed to shop online without supervision, so there was rather a lot of food and no shortage of themed decorations.

baby shower cake

It was a really lovely day with lots of delicious food and an irresistable chocolate cake. My sister received some gorgeous gifts and was horrified by our predictions of how much her little one will weigh, and how long the labour will be!

baby shower favours

The pram pinata turned out to be almost indestructable and my Dad was dragged into the party to attack it. Perhaps my favourite little touch of the day were the absolutely terrifying plastic babies in ice cubes. Yes, plastic babies in ice cubes. When the ice melted, you had to yell ‘my water’s broken’. They had us all giggling like school girls. I’d advise against looking directly into the plastic babies eyes…

ice cube babies

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“It’s complicated”

Dear Boots,

Our relationship status has definitely moved on. Facebook will soon categorise it as “it’s complicated…”

It started out with highs and lows, excitement and anticipation. We were eager to be together.

Maybe it all hapened too quickly. Maybe we should have dated a little more first to see how we fit together.

It was my fault for trying to change you and mould you into something you’re not. I thought you could grow. I crowded you and now you’re lashing out and hurting me in retaliation.

Maybe we can compromise and make it work? Lets give it one more day and see if things improve or whether we should part ways…

Love me

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Reasons I should not be allowed to read blogs

tag cloud 

  • I am developing expensive tastes
  • I used to be happy with dulux paint, now I lust after Farrow & Ball
  • I have become rather obsessed with wallpaper
  • My wish list of things to buy is longer than ever before
  • I eat lunch at my desk to catch up with my huge blogroll

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Image of the day


from Trafalgar’ sSquare, Etsy

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