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2011 – a year in review

We’re already a month into 2012 and I’m thinking back over the past year. 2011 was an incredible year for us. It sped by, it was packed full, it was full of highs, lows and thousands of wonderfully happy moments.

To be honest, the year didn’t begin on the 1st January – for us it began in October 2010 when an adorable baby girl arrived in our lives. Not content to stay in my (enormous) tummy a moment longer she appeared three weeks early, more perfect and cuddly than we could ever have imagined. I fully intended to get back to blogging during my maternity leave but instead spent my time gazing at our little girl, playing, walking, gardening, pinning, photography, cooking, crafting, reading, and enjoying every second of being a parent. Predictably, given my love of photography, she is probably the most photographed baby in the world and on her first birthday I completed my first 365project – a photo every day for her first year.

Since returning to work a few months ago I’ve continued the photo project while reminding my brain just how to code, and refrain from telling my colleagues that cups of tea are “hot – don’t touch”. Now we’re settled into a happy routine balancing work, nursery, family, friends and time at home I think it’s time to get back to blogging, etsy, and much more.

Winter 2010

Summer 2011

Winter 2011

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Autumn in the arboretum

We had a gorgeous day at the arboretum last weekend. It was beautifully sunny and surprisingly warm. The perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

The acers were stunning, although it was still a bit early in the season. Who could resist this place? I can’t wait to go back in December when the trees are lit at night to become an enchanted forest.

autumn in the arboretum

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Image of the day

sugarcraft autumn fall wedding cake

I love autumn. I love the leaves, the colours, even just the words autumn and autumnal. I think of stomping through great piles of leaves in wellies, wearing mittens and fluffy hats and drinking hot chocolate by a roaring fire. I love autumn so much that our entire wedding had an autumn theme. It’s our anniversary this weekend so I’m remembering a few favourite autumn details from the day.

fabric autumn fall leaves

autumn fall patchwork table runner

We’re off to wander around a local arboretum over the weekend, stomping around in lovely autumn clothes and photographing the changing leaves. Can’t wait.

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Framed views


framed windows

I adore this stunning new housing development in Sweden where the windows are framed in gorgeous gold (via

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Image of the day

digital art

found via Stumbleupon at Presidia Creative

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Image of the day

Country Living

I can just imagine sitting here with a cup of tea in the morning, and a glass of wine in the evening, listening to the birds singing. Today it’s pouring with rain in the city centre so I shall sit back and dream of living here…

Image by Steve Gross for Country Living

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Image of the day

Ashridge bluebells

We spent a magical day wandering through the incredible bluebell woods at Ashridge earlier this year. It was like being in a film. Two little girls were dancing around the bluebells looking for fairies, the sun was slipping through the trees and highlighting patches of flowers and making the colours pop. Go in late April/early May. You wont regret it.

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Image of the day

yellow cafe

The Yellow cafe at Selfridge’s in London is possibly the most yellow place I’ve ever been. As you sit drinking tea poured from yellow teapots, your face seems to glow yellow as the colour reflects from the surfaces around you. It’s a lovely little place to sit enclosed by a white picket fence, drinking tea and watching people shop around you (the cheesecake is rather good too).

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Image of the day

What craft studio would be complete without this wall decal?

scissors wall decal

from studiojk, etsy

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Image of the day

hallway decor

So simple but elegant and it displays the images/memories they treasure, plus there’s a bench. I’m a sucker for wooden benches…

from sarahleeab | flickr | blog |

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