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“It’s complicated”

Dear Boots,

Our relationship status has definitely moved on. Facebook will soon categorise it as “it’s complicated…”

It started out with highs and lows, excitement and anticipation. We were eager to be together.

Maybe it all hapened too quickly. Maybe we should have dated a little more first to see how we fit together.

It was my fault for trying to change you and mould you into something you’re not. I thought you could grow. I crowded you and now you’re lashing out and hurting me in retaliation.

Maybe we can compromise and make it work? Lets give it one more day and see if things improve or whether we should part ways…

Love me

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I was tragically excited to get a hat out for my journey to work this morning. Today I went for a black beret with a black and white polkadot bow. I was looking forward to the arrival of my lovely new winter boots, just in time for a day at a castle in the countryside tomorrow. I somehow missed the news of a major postal strike in the city (again) and must imagine my lovely new boots sitting sad and lonely in a postal sorting office wishing they could be stomping through grass and leaves while paired with thick black tights and a plum coloured woollen dress.

autumn birds fabric

Luckily this lovely fabric from Kathy Hall at fabricsupplies on etsy is restoring my love of autumn, and giving me all sorts of ideas for a new autumn quilt. Maybe a log cabin with autumn golds, deep reds, plums, aubergine and deep greens…

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