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Cake, cake, cake

We had a lovely trip to Hummingbird Bakery last weekend which reminded me that my cupcakes from their recipe book are never quite the same as the ones in-store. There have been birthdays in the office (complete with cakes) and a custom cupcake order booked as a gift. The icing on my cupcakey week is the recent opening of a cupcake and sweet store just around the corner from the office. I’ve resisted so far…

Cake slippers from Ruby and Ed

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Back to the start

We were due to finally exchange contracts on our new home today, unfortunately things came crashing down on Friday evening when we discovered (via text message) that 263 days after accepting our offer on the house the sellers had withdrawn the house from the market.

It was difficult news to process and I’m only just coming to terms with it and realising that we’ll be staying in our temporary accomodation for several more months. Focusing on the positive it means that we’re on the hunt for the perfect house once more …

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Country Kitchen

The space in our new kitchen means an exciting new range cooker. After disappointment that the lovely aquamarine range wouldn’t fit in the gap, I think it probably does make more sense to get the vanilla range to fit with our modern country kitchen (inspired by the above image from Ideal Home) and guarantees that the church pew I’ve got my eye on in a reclamation yard will fit in nicely…

Given my propensity for burning myself/falling over/spilling things and the depth of the range doors, new extended aga oven gloves were an essential. There was only a teeny bit of squealing when I realised I could buy lovely Joules aga textiles which will match my extensive wardrobe of Joules jumpers, hoodies and wellies…

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Roly Poly

aka: Poly, Fatcat, Troll-poldy-roll

age: 15

Likes: food, attention, sleeping

Dislikes: humans who sleep, eat or read instead of adoring him, leaving the house, the airing cupboard door being closed.

Scared of: absolutely everything except food and cuddles

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 aka: Speckles McChew, Chewball, Purrmonster, Chewbacca, Chewbles, Kittenface, Silky, Silky McChew, Monkey

age: 2

Likes: sitting on the windowsill in the sun, belly rubs, the bathroom, sitting on laps, custard, sitting where she knows she shouldn’t be

Dislikes: being picked up, when someone sits in her chair, humans who take too long to open cat food packets


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aka: Crumbs, Crumblina, Munchkin, Chirrups, Monkeypuzzle, Spidermonkey, Kittenface, Crumblebee, Count Crumbula

Age: 2

Likes: being hugged, spiders, crisp packets folded into triangles, sleeping under the duvet, drinking from anything other than the waterbowl, announcing herself with a chirruping noise, pillows, yoghurt

Dislikes: losing spiders under the sofa, when humans go in the bathroom in case they don’t come out


Sometimes we wonder if she’s secretly a Meerkat or tiny fluffy dinosaur in disguise as she makes her chirrupy’ hello’ noise or her chirruping war cry and totters around on her back legs. However horrible your mood, Crumbs can make you laugh.

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