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Country Kitchen

The space in our new kitchen means an exciting new range cooker. After disappointment that the lovely aquamarine range wouldn’t fit in the gap, I think it probably does make more sense to get the vanilla range to fit with our modern country kitchen (inspired by the above image from Ideal Home) and guarantees that the church pew I’ve got my eye on in a reclamation yard will fit in nicely…

Given my propensity for burning myself/falling over/spilling things and the depth of the range doors, new extended aga oven gloves were an essential. There was only a teeny bit of squealing when I realised I could buy lovely Joules aga textiles which will match my extensive wardrobe of Joules jumpers, hoodies and wellies…

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Colour Colour Colour

I honestly can’t decide which of these mug sets I love more. The Pantone set have a lovely geeky quality, but the Crayola set have that hint of childish fun. Both would definitely brighten up a kitchen.

Pantone mugsCrayola mugs

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teapot love

I drink a lot of tea. Probably an unhealthy amount of tea, but I never actually use a teapot. Despite this, I’m very tempted to start a teapot collection after seeing this lovely pot from Kate Hackett. I can just see this surrounded by other lovely teapots sitting on shelf in the kitchen…

patchwork teapot

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