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Image of the day

Hello little moo cow. You’re adorable.

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One night at a time

One night at a time by Susan Hill

As a child ‘One Night at a Time’ by Susan Hill, illustrated by Vanessa Julian-Ottie was one of my two favourite books. My Mum would read it to me and shoo bad dreams out of the window. Even now my original copy of this book lives by my bed. I love the story, and I adore the illustrations. I love Tom’s little suitcase, I love the way the household items he sees as monsters are scary yet not too scary. I can trace my love of red things back to this book as I dreamed of having a toadstool light just like Tom’s, and I can’t play MarioKart unless I’m Toad! It’s not a shock that one of my first applique designs was a classic toadstool.



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Image of the day


I had a messy morning. One of those days when the train was late, there was drizzly rain, there was a hole in my coat pocket and I had to rescue my glove from the lining of the coat… I stopped on the way to work for a Starbucks.

I can’t resist the red Christmas cups and hot chocolate at home doesn’t taste right unless it’s in my ceramic red cup. I was most excited this morning to see teeny ceramic red cup tree decorations on sale. I’m off Christmas shopping tonight and some of those little cuties will be coming home with me. Until then, here’s another christmas tree trend that I’m loving this year – wooden and metal birds. They’d definitely fit with my country/gingham/gingerbread tree style.

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London calling


Even though the paperwork for the new house drags on, my decorating plans are steaming forward. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to move in a few months.

My most recent planning project for the house has been the front hallway. It’s a long thin hallway but it’s very bright. So much of the decor in the new house will be understated that we both fancy having a bit of fun in this space. We’ve decided to focus the hallway around a giant print we have of a routemaster bus. I can’t wait for my custom etsy order to arrive which will pull the whole wartime London look together.

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