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Well, the Ideal Home Show was utterly uninspiring. I’m glad the tickets were free!The only stall I was particularly interested in was one selling handmade wooden shutters. However the salesperson didn’t know how to open the shutters, or how many colours they came in, or anything else about the product! I’ve worked at a lot of large events and shows at Earls Court and Olympia and this was by far the most disappointing.

We had a quick wander round then promptly left for a much more inspiring stroll along Kings Road and lots of window shopping in Heals, Habitat, Zara Home and Anthropologie.

It was the first time I’d had the chance to explore the store and it’s just as gorgeous as I’d expected.  I wanted to move in, or at the very least buy some lovely china and glassware…

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The Return

It’s been quite a while since my last post. We’re still not in the house which has been the biggest factor keeping me from updating. We’ve had some moments of false hope that the move will happen soon and I’ve immersed myself once more in paint samples, fabric and window shopping for furniture but unfortunately things are still up in the air. It now looks like a February move date. 233 days and counting since we had the offer accepted…

Back to happy, positive thoughts about how lovely it will be once we move in. We’ve now started buying small items for the house; some gorgeous Kilner jars to store all sorts of kitchen bits in, we’ve been round the dreaded home appliance warehouse and ch0sen the washing machine, range cooker and fridge freezer, and next week we’re off to Bath to look at furniture and more supplies for organising the kitchen.

Christmas was lovely – manic, noisy, lots of food and too much time on the motorway – but lovely. Since then we’ve been enveloped in unusually heavy snowfall which looks beautiful but has caused chaos as we’re so unprepared for snowfall in the UK. The snow is all melting today so I can look forward to spring in our new home.

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Geeky things I do not need but would quite like

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